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Linux Router to "Invisible/Passthrough" Mode


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I have an upgrade I would like to do in my home network, but I'm at a loss as to how to accomplish this. I currently have dial-up (only thing available where I live currently) coming in through a linux box I setup for the soul purpose of being my modem/gateway router box. For now, it handles DHCP, DNS, firewalling, and everything like that itself. The rest of my network connects to it through a 4 port small Netgear wireless router, meaning I have wireless dial-up.

This leads to my wife and I taking turns with the internet (i.e. she needs it, and I have to get off). Since I'm pretty good with computers, I started looking for a solution. The simplest solution I could find was QOS, where I just divide the traffic between us evenly. I thought of trying to just add this to my Router box, but I am afraid to mess with it, as it took me awhile to get it working with the particular modem I have, and I'd hate to loose it and not be able to quickly ask questions and get answers on how to fix a problem.

I recently purchased a WRT54GL, and put dd-wrt on it, to play with, and because I knew it could do QOS like I wanted (even if I need custom ip tables to do it). It works fine, and I like it, but here's where things get interesting. It can do QOS, but I'm betting it has to be the router for the network to shape traffic. As such, I need to reconfigure the dial-up box to be a "pass-through" box, and not to do any kind of traffic management.

I'm kinda stumped as to how to proceed from here. I need to turn off NAT and the like from the dial-up box and let the dd-wrt do all that (gonna let it do DHCP and all that as well), but I'm stumped as to how to do that. I keep thinking I can just let the dial-up box pass the raw traffic it gets from the internet straight to the dd-wrt, and vice versa, to let it do all the networking tasks, but I can't find any articles/help on doing that. I feel like the solution is right in front of me, but I can't see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I left out some detail that you need, I'll be glad to provide more info to help.

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If your both connecting to the wrt54g, then it will be doing the QOS for both of you. If anything else is connected further up stream then it won't be subject to QOS restrictions. So as long as all the devices connect threw the wrt54g in some fashion they should all be subject to the same QOS restrictions.

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