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Joost: Suck or Not?


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Is it me, or did Joost become a bloated "Video On Demand"? It seems a lot of the content is stuff people may have already seen and just found in one central location now called "Joost". To me, it's web 2.0 gone wrong. I liked it when it first came out and the thought of some new and maybe original content, but I have to say, it seems like a big pile of Lard now that it has been out this long and nothing seems to be updated other than the menus and interface. Too many shows and not enough centralized media in specific channels. Its like Cable's on demand only with some independent Web shows. I would't even call most of them IPTV shows. The parent sites of the videos offer more content than what can be found on Joost alone. I was happy to hear about Joost when it came out and what it migth have to offer, but sad to say that after using it a while, its a resource hogging bloated piece of crap.

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