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need help with universal customizer


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Well i bought a 4gb toshiba U3 flash drive today and i am having trouble getting the universal customizor to work on it.

I insert my U3 drive then open universal customizer and it then says:

"U3 Customizer can only customize one devie at a time.

Please eject all devices except the one you want to customize"

i dont have any other U3 programs running and i dont have any other U3 drives in at the time. anyone know how to fix this probem??

any help would be appreciated

btw im running on vista


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Universal customizer on vista always causes problems, your best bet is to find a 2K/XP machine and use that for 5 mins. I will also suggest backup your data first and delete everything on the flash drive, it will be much quicker and have less chance of an error occurring.

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