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Hey all, just thinking it might be nice to have a thread to list a number of good podcasts/IPTV shows so we have somewhere to;

a) post new ones as they are made, be they yours or someone elses

b) go and check out new stuff, so if you haven't found it someone else might've

c) remember all of the podcasts/IPTV you actually like!

Ok, so I'll start with:


www.hak5.org : Hacking/Modding

www.bsodtv.org : Phreaking (and hacking?)

www.dl.tv : General Tech


www.lifeinhex.com : Tech, Gaming, Anime

www.thechrispirilloshow.com : General Tech

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  • StepONE - general computing/modding/hacking/gaming (they don't really focus on one thing) http://www.steponepro.com - They are also making a series called In The Back Of Your Mind that hasn't been released yet.

  • 1337 - A fictionalised drama-ish series about a group of hackers working as a team to help people in need - http://www.mathclubinc.com

  • Welcome To The Scene - A fictionalised drama-ish series about a piracy group in "The Scene" - http://www.welcometothescene.com
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