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u3 usb/switchblade


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Hi, I am new here and have gone through a bunch of posts but havent fond the exact answers to my questions.  If they are are stupid or answers are obvious and around, pls just help me out or direct me what post I may look at if that is possible.

I want to find out how the U3 (sandisk 2G) flash drive works. . . .

Will it work on any Windows XP, 2000 etc.  or does the computer have to have a special U3 drive?

Do I put it in the same place I would put any flash drive?

Are passwords/secret info stored on automatically when I put the USB in?

If it is autorun/not what exactly does this mean?

If cookies/private data are deleted will passwords still show up on the drive?

Pls get back to me on anything you can answer.  Again I apologize if these questions are amateur.

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I don't have an U3 thumbdrive.

1) U3 works only with Windows, 2000 SP4, XP and Vista are supported

2) Yes, it has a standard usb jack

3) I don't think so, only if you have an encrypted partition with a portable program on it

4) I'm sorry, I don't know.

5) I think yes.

For encryption, I recommend TrueCrypt.

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Ok, so I have the U3 drive.

What do I do to it to make it have switchblade?

Once that is all installed on my computer, how can I put it in someone else's to extract info? (simply put it in, is there something that must be done with it? etc.)

Any help would be great.

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Ah Yes, I should have clarified that.

The Universal Customizer, for one reason or another, usually can't see the u3 drive on Vista.  So you have to do the initial setup on a XP machine, and using a vm won't work because it doesn't see the drives correctly.

After you do the initial setup, you'll be able to stick the drive into a Vista machine and be able to both configure (I change settings a lot based on what I want to do) it and attempt to run the payload.

If you're configuring with SBConfig, you'll find that Vista will pop up a message saying it didn't install correctly... because it didn't install anything... so just click the "This software installed correctly option." 

If you're attempting to run the payload on a Vista machine, Microsoft wasn't totally full of it when they said security is better, so some parts of the payload may return empty sections in the log.  A good number of them still work correctly though.

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Thanks for all the info.

Im having trouble opening the files due to error.

I will have to try on a different computer when I get a hold of one...just wondering and this may be a weird question. But is there anyway I could buy a switchblade? One that is ready to be used or somewhere where I could find someone to make sure mine is set up correctly?

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