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RAID 0 - Windows problem...


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ok so heres the problem... running raid 0 with 2 sata drive's... worked fine for about three years... now its freezing at the blue welcome screen... i dont have much expeirience with raid or sata, so i figured id see what you guys think. If I had to back up the drives, how would i do so? I have another pc I use for tech projects, and it has a sata mobo, but doesnt recognize the format of the raid...

ran chkdsk, didnt do anything, avoiding a repair, mainly need to know hos i can back up... my usb connection only has one sata connection, and my other pc doesnt recognize... so am i SOL?

any ideas will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks !


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ok, thanks, ill just go ahead and repair it and see what i get... and  just to reassure myself, with raid data striping, it  basically takes the 2 HDD's and makes it into 1, and data cannot be pulled from 1 disk with out the other because it would be incomplete... correct?

thanks for the help

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ok i have a hypothetical scenario...

if i take the 2 sata hard drives (setup for RAID 0 striping) out of one pc... how could i properly hook them up to another machine to pull data from them?

i tried using the sata on my tech pc that is using a simple run-of-the-mill IDE master HD, but when i try to access the RAID disks, it doesnt seem to recognize the format... is there some sort of software or device i can use to help me in this situation?

thanks again, the help is much appreciated.....

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