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U3 Boot menu


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Hey guys! Great show you guys are having. . 

Wel. .  I got a new Scandisk Cruzer 4Gb

And now I wounder is there a way to make it Boot up, and show a menu like the one you have if you  have 2 or more Os  on the same pc


Option 1 : install windows Xp

Option 2 : install Windows Vista

Option 3 : Install Linux

Option 4 :  Some secret program to take over the world. .  lol

And so on. . . . . . . 

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(Stumbling in the dark)

So i downloaded Msdos.sys ; Io.sys ; Autoexec.bat ; Command.com ; Config.sys while i have a beer!

Now.. To make this work.. I need to use the Attrib command with the switches +s (system file ) +h (Hidden ) +r (Read only) on Io.sys and Msdos.sys move them over to the stick. go in bios and select boot from usb device. This should make any Usb device bootable.. But how about that menu? how to create it? any clues on how to do that?

I think i found what is needed at : http://www.pc-shareware.com

So now i got the boot and the menu i want.. Now i just have to configure the bootmenu as i like.  should add Ntfs read/write (Reminder to my self)

celltoolz created a way to gain SYSTEM/Administrative Access to Windows XP/2000 but this works on floppy drive.. Good work Btw..

And now i want it to take it to a new stage.. to the Usb drive.

My Idea is to insert the usb drive to a xp/2000 computer.. boot it up, and run celltoolz little program, when that is done, Log in to the machine. Insert the usb with hacksaw or switchblade.. and get the sweet stuff that you are lookin for..  Im a rather new to this stuff. I grew up with MSdos but that is ages ago.. hardly remember the commands anymore.. but in time everyting will come in place.

So what you guys think?

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