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i was playing around with hak5radio .. read the wiki but wasnt too sure if i got it right..

i followed the wiki and grabbed a copy of winamp and that plugin thingie.. i went to the encodes and i found wma, ogg and mp3 pro.. there wasnt the normal mp3 format.. but i clicked the mp3 pro anyway..

i dragged and drop random mp3 file :

Audio #0

Codec                : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3

Codec profile        : Joint stereo

Bit rate            : 128 Kbps

Bit rate mode        : CBR

Channel(s)          : 2 channels

Sampling rate        : 44 KHz

Resolution          : 16 bits

Writing library      : FhG (ACM or producer pro)

i clicked play.. the song was playing on winamp but i keep getting this msg :


while it was playing, i tried to logon to hak radio on another computer but the song didnt start from the beginning.. it started like around 30% of the song.. why is that? it also took a very long time to buffer.. is it my bad connection?

other than that.. i was kinda cool to play around with the radio! :D ...

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doh, nvm.. i see it.. i found the normal mp3..

i downloaded from the wiki links..

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