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Ok.. so i made a cantena and love it. My friend who lives 7 houses down also loves his. We want to connect our two computers but are just out of wifi's reach. If i put my laptop at the end of my property w/ a cantena i can get 3-4 houses down. (can get other neighbors wifi.. not his) when my friend does the same we can connect over ad-hoc (or i could make my laptop an ap... but ad hocs fine) I have a cantena mounted behind an old dsl satalite dish this helps it some. The idea is to put two satalite/cantenas on posts directed at one another and connect (we both have dual nic cards in our systems) The problem comes with the coax cord. The distance from the side of my property to my computer in my house degrades the signal so much nothing shows up. I talked to a guy at a ham shop who said theyre was a better cable that would let me go 3 times as far.. but thats not good enough. I could stick a computer in my shed... but id rather not. I would like a little box that converts from coax to another medium (rj-54 perferably) Ive seen something like this.. but im afraid it wont send the data im looking for and interfacing it would be a problem.

(btw.. im using that generic coax you connect to your tv right now)

http://www.alloy.com.au/products/et509r.htm (box i found.. but unsure of)

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