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Net Locked To Mac Address


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In my flat the internet is locked to my mac address which is pants as it's going into my desktop and I want to use my laptop in the kitchen via wifi.

Any ideas on how I could find my way around this?

I've given it a bit of thought and as i'm not really a network guy they're fairly low tech...like a wifi dongle in the desktop.

Any ideas guys?

cheers in advance

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most wifi routers have mac address spoofing built in, its usually called mac address cloning heres a tutorial for exactly what your looking for http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,717381 assuming your using a linksys router, but most routers have those features too.

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That only does the WAN interface of the router though, which won't help here. To get around this you would simply need to change the MAC address of the laptops wireless adapter to the MAC address of the authorized computer. Then you should be freely able to alternate between the two.

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No, if he had a spare router the conversation would be moot. I take it he doesn't, so he's simply looking to make the kit he has do what he wants. There are always better solutions to hacks but some times you just need to do something quickly. If this is one of those times, do what I suggested, if you want a nicer solution then get some additional hardware.

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