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I have learned a lot from this website from web security and from hacking. How does one block LC5 from finding out passwords on individual computers?

In addition, how do you stop using Cain & Able on a computer network? I can easily get passwords at my company. From directorly connected and using wifi.

Is there any game or video game that has hacking involved.  The only one I can think of is hackthissite.org. Fun site. If I was to create a hacking video game what should I look into?

I have many more novice questions later. Sorry for my English…Take Care :)

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Static ARP tables on switches or only use routers.

A static ARP table on your computer won't help, all making sure your computer has the gateways mac address does is nothing. All you could really do is have a service listening for ARP broadcasts that change the mac address of the gateway and assume this as spoofing, then rebroadcast the correct gateway mac address.

But that is only a work around, the fix is to get static arp tables on your switches or use routers.

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