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Easy Sleep Timer using NirCMD


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You will need NirCMD. 

Create 2 Files (3 if you want an easy way to cancel this in the future)

The location for these files is

on Vista C:Users%CurrentUser%

on XP C:Documents and settings%CurrentUser%

    First File

    Save it as  SleepOption1hr.bat

Title Sleep Option 1 Hour

nircmd.exe win hide title "Sleep Option 1 Hour"

nircmd.exe qbox "Do you want to set the sleep timer for 1 hour ?" "Turn Sleep Timer On ?" "sleep1hr.bat"


  Second File

  Save it as    Sleep1hr.bat

Title Sleep Set to 1 Hour

nircmd.exe win min title "Sleep Set to 1 Hour"

nircmd.exe cmdwait 3600000 standby

In order to cancel this end the process NirCMD.exe from the task manager OR create another batch file

  Save it as SleepTimerCancel.bat

taskkill /IM nircmd.exe /F

I have tested this on XP and Vista

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