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  1. Favorite game: Call of Duty 4 (actually the whole COD series) Favorite OS: Vista's Features on an os that doesn't suck like Vista Favorite console: Xbox 360 Nationality: Canadian eh! Accent: Canadian English eh! Sex: Yes Age:24 Gender: Male Race: White Height: 6'10" Status: Single Favorite TV Show: 24 Favorite Car: Enzo Ferrari Current Car: Chevy Cavalier Pet Peeve: Spammers Gamertag: HaloChris117 Coding Level: Am (mostly backwards engineering existing code.) Web design: Mid (learning css, if only it were 1999 than i would be at pro level) Primary Pass Time: Gaming now enough of the random shti, Hi I'm Chris, and I have been a fan of Hak5 since season 1
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