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Is it possible to let pandora jar show the song you're playing on msn?


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Hi, im looking for a way to show on msn what song i'm playing while using pandorajar. .

One thing i've seen is that the song and artist playing at the moment is displayed as title on the firefox titlebar, is there a way to stream that to msn?

im not a programmer and a totalnoob in stuff like this, so i just ask. .

I love using pandorajar, and do not want to change to other programs wo can't rip mp3's.

So if there is a wy to show the song currently playing on MSN, or on MSN and XFIRE (Xfire isnt important:P).  Please lett me know :).

Sorry for the bad english, im dutch

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I know it it possible via active x.. but on firefox the song and artist show on the title, it would be enough if someone could make a plugin that would place the title of the window in firefox that you've selected on the what i'm listening to function in msn, but i dont know how to do it :(

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