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Hak5 login problem


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I've seen some odd behaviour at the login page for the last 10 days or so.  When I've entered my username and password, it's returned a message indicating that I've used the incorrect password.  I entered it again and everything was OK.  On the first couple of occasions, I wondered if I had genuinely made a mistake but latterly, I've been VERY careful not to make a mistake.  I wondered initially if it was some sort of scam - some malware intercepts the password, generates an error message on a page identical with Hak5 login then I'm asked to re-enter the password which takes me to the correct site.  This behaviour ONLY occurs with Hak5 and not with any of the other groups that I visit, nor my Hotmail account.  The only difference that I know is that I don't store the Hak5 password for it to autocomplete but the rest are stored.

I've done Spybot and AdAware scans (clear) and my AV is up to date.

Any ideas?

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I have seen this too. I have been out of the hous lately doing jobs and things over the summer. Luckily most places had Internet Terminals that I could use at lunch. I had to log in each time beacuse I deleted all Private Data (they had firefox). I checked that I had typed the Write Thing. I even (when nobody could see), copyed and pasted the password into notepad and it was right.

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OK people, I need way more details here. Enough to replicate the error. I think it might be related to a SMF bug patch that was superseded but without the exact details of when, how, where and so forth, i can't do any more.

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