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Newbie U3 question (U3 or !U3)


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Hi Folks,

I stumbled upon the USB hacks stuff and switchblade which looks fascinating and thought you might be able to advice me on something. . .

I got a free 64MB USD stick with a magazine and on insertion it pops up a browser and points it at the magazines advertiser (I guess that's why it was free), looking into it, it has a read-only partition with an auto-run - voila! So, I was thinking this must be a U3 style stick right? Its re-branded with the magazine's logo so I can't tell the manufacturer and I can't manage to do anything with the official U3 software.

So my question is around how I find out if this is a U3 compatible stick and how I might kill / reformat the read-only / cd-rom-looking partition? Google hasn't helped much so far.

Any tips greatly appreciated.



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Go to the read-only partition. It should have a file called "LaunchU3.exe" or something similar. Another method is to download the Universal Launchpad Hacker, plug in the drive, run the program, and see if it identifies the drive as a U3 drive (e.g. it will go past the splash screen). The Universal Launchpad Hacker page (see previous link) and the actual program both have a bit of instruction on how to use them to put files onto the cd partition.

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