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PJ mod - setting mp3 filenames & path


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I'm hoping to change mp3 saving behavior from using artistName/artistName-songName.mp3 to stationID/artistName-songName.mp3

I'm unfamiliar with the code and properties files. 

Could someone point me to where I might find the code to change this?


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i believe someone already mentioned this fix in the main thread somewhere. but you should look in default.properties for:

#File/directory name format

# %a - artist ; %b - album ; %t - title ; %s - station

# NOTICE: if no album / station data they will be replaced with "UNKNOWN"

# if nothing specified here, defaulting to: "%s/%a/%b/%a-%t"

# spaces are fine, don't add .mp3, use forward slashes don't start with /


take the # out from in front of filename.format and then change it as you wish. in your case the code would be:


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