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Fools Erand: MicroShaft Mockup


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THat woudl be a cool mod to take and then add speakers on either side in the tape cassete. One nice package, like a small boombox

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to be perfectly honest, its not an ipod in the case, its a creative zen vision m that i dropped one too many times...

i prefer the zen because, one, its not apple, two, it plays divx without reencoding. also comes with zencast organiser, another pod/vid cast subscription program. i might try a case opening tut to see if i can bring the beast back to life, if not, i MIGHT possibly, maybe consider getting an ipod, and expand on the mod....

or i might use a block of wood cut to the same dimensions as the ipod

i'm now thinking speakers in one side and AA battery holder in the other, a switch beneath the flappy thing to select between passive and active speaker mode, and therefore a small amplifier probably near the battery pack maybe exen a usb socket on the side and a dock under the flappy thing

actually, even just passive, it'd be good.....

and something over the screen, like perspex, maybe

i need to get he dimensions of the ipod and the zen to see how they compare... will do that tonight

also need a new mini grinder tool for my rotary tool... lent it to my brother and now it wont tighten up over the disc...

maybe a little led lighting and some hak5 graphics in the tape window things.. maybe run them off the headphone jack and get that strobe effect...

anyway, just ideas at the moment

i dont actually need one as i have a red speaker box thing by tdk which is awesome...

maybe i'll build it then send the final product to the hak house...

not sure...

anyway i gtg to work (at 6:30 local)

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