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D: Pandora's Jar displaying coding instead of player!

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I am a pandora freak. 

But, alas, I am also a newb.  I was using a manual version from the main download topic- the first one where you have to open command prompt, but I realized some of my music had the wrong name.  So, I decided to download the newest version- 7. 4. 0 CF7, and the download and installation was fine.  Whenever I go to localhost, it seems to be loading fine too, until-



I have javascript enabled and I have flash 8- I'm using Firefox and I fixed the Firefox pluginreg. dat file.  I can open Pandora in another tab and Pandora's Jar will rip it but many times it grabs the wrong song.  Another weird thing is that the songs that are named wrong are all of one song.  Whenever I rip some song and it gets named, it either plays the correct song or The Rejection (which is a good song, if it's not recorded 50 times).  If you could help me, I'd be soooo happy.  ;D

Thank you!

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