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Help! My harddrive died


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After watching 2x09  I decided to attempt to repair one of my dead hard drives after plugging it in and set to slave i restarted and win2k would not load so i removed the drive and had to fixmbr my good drive, windows started fine then when i restarted i get "A disk read error has occurred" iv tried to use fixmbr and mbrfix but they will not fix the problem, the harddrive shows up on Linux and windows but says "drive corrupt" I have not attempted a format or repartition as i don't want to lose my data. 

any help would be great.

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Did you change anything else?

try this

Fire up ubuntu and open the gnome partition editor shrink (by VERY little) or expand the partition

restart try to boot

if that fails go back and put the dick back to the EXACT size EXACT SIZE!!!! try again

if not recovery console 'fixboot' 'fixmbr'

I sure someone here can help a bit more

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