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Transfer SAM files remotely


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Does anyone know of a way to transfer the SAM files remotely across the internet? Is it even possible? I currently use Remote Administrator via the file transfer option and that won't work. Also that is the only file needed to crack XP password's via the hash correct? I've seen various tutorials on this but never actually tried now I think I am going to give it a shot for the experience.

Thanks in Advance

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The OS won't let you access the files while it is running. So the only way to do it would be to boot another OS and then access them... in conclusion, you cannot skiddy your way into stealing some one else's windows password files over the Internet. (though it can be done, but not in a skiddytastic way)

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hmmm... makes sense, a method I shall find then, it's not "somebody else's" password, it's actually a machine here at home in which I connect to while at work via Remote Administrator, VNC, RDP, etc. I just was curious if possible to get the file over WAN. As far as cracking i'm not to concerned with there are plenty of tutorials available.

Thanks for the quick reply:)

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