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need somones help


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for some reson when i plug in my usb drive  a error pops up and says "windows script host" theres is no script engine for file extension ".vbs"

how do i fix it?

thanx in advance

oh and its a u3 drive

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the U3 part is the CD partition it is treated as a CD (no delete). You have obviously flashed your drive with an ISO from a payload? It actually sounds like mine. If you would like to remove the payload go to the drive manufacturers website and they usually have a download available to reflash the drive with updated software. Here is the sandisk link.

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it is ur payload. i couldnt get it to work it would get to the end of the Universal_Customizer part and mess up and i couldn't fix it. it would be kool if u can help me to get it to work. i downloaded the files from this site http://www.users.on.net/~simmo_89/switchblade/tutorial.html

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