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How to get a Cisco Aironet card to work in a laptop


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Alright, here's my dilemma, and hopefully it's a simple one.  I have a Cisco Aironet AIR-LMC352 card, which I believe uses the Prism2 chipset and can be used to do fun things with people's wireless access points :-).  Unfortunately, the card I have looks like this http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Aironet-11Mbps...2/dp/B00006HSS2 , without the end part like this http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Aironet-Wirele...2/dp/B00006HOZB .  The card currently fits into a PCMCIA slow, but it goes ALL the way in, plus there's not much of a signal.  Is there any way to obtain the little grey end part (that's the technical term for it)?

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Thanks for the help.  Does anyone happen to know the actual thread size for the antenna jack on these types of cards?  There's two seemingly identical gold jacks on the card, both very small.

I don’t deal with Cisco wireless cards that often as I prefer other brands but try looking for a MMCX connector to N-Jack female or male pigtail.

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