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I recently found some old cisco stuff in a box in my basement:

4 * Cisco AIRONET 1200 series AIR-AP1210 Wireless Access Point

4 * Cisco Catalyst 2950 series 24 switch 10/100 Ethernet port thingy

1 * Cisco Ethernet port thingy older version number so not important.

There may be more stuff back there but whatever.

I was recently updating my linksys WRT54GS (hardware version 1) to a new firmware version and decided to up my security.  When I did so, I discovered that my wireless range expanders are also hardware version 1 and that doesn't play nice with WPA2.

I'm pretty sure Cisco stuff is better than linksys, so I was wondering if anyone can help answer these questions

1) Can I link multiple AIRONETs together and use one as a range expander (ie no Ethernet cable going into the back)

2) Can anyone tell me about how much this stuff is worth? I looked online but I'm pretty sure the prices are old.

3) Can anyone give advice on making this stuff work?  I know that Cisco is a lot more complex than linksys, I registered as a user on their website so I can download software from them.  I have no idea what half the stuff means, or even what to download.

Thanks for any help,


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Linksys is technically Cisco (Cisco owns it), but you are right, cisco stuff tends to be better than linksys.  Cisco gear is made more for the business side/industrial, while linksys is not built quite as nice and is meant for the home user.  If you sell the stuff on ebay you can get atleast a couple hundred bucks.  The 2950's are worth probably around 40-60 a piece (feel free to correct me, that is the price I have found), the other stuff I won't try and say as I have no fucking clue.  Good luck in you sales venture.

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