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NES DVD Player mod


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Someone has taken an old NES case and modded it to fit a DVD player inside with working tray loader out of the front wher ethe cartridges used to go. Not sure if anyone has een it before but just wanted to share.


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Personally I'd go a step further. NES Media Centre. So you can play dvds, avi, music and hell, even PLAY old NES roms on it.

Could be done for around $100 I'm sure.

And if you wanted it to seem less like a PC code up a nice GUI for it. Perhaps pixelated or maybe even some Wii clonage but with a retro edge?

Who knows. I think it would amazingly cool to watch Hak5 via NES then dive into some Super Mario (or any rom really). And when you're done playing, throw on a DVD and control it with a custom NES Controller...control. :P

I'm totally going to make one of these now. I've talked my self into it. heh.

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