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Recently Asus released the Asus G1S-A1.  I have seen tons of people talk about how great it is and the specs are pretty amazing.  15.4", Santa Rosa, Core 2 T7500, Geforce 8600GT,2 GB ram, the works and it only costs under 2000bucks.  Seems like a pretty good deal, i was wondering though how long would this thing last if i wanted to play new games? Also i have seen some amateur benchmarking on the 8600m GT with 3dmark06 and the scores were pretty poor for a next gen video card, less than 4000.  Is it because of crappy vista drivers or does this card just suck. I was hoping of scores similar to the 8600 GTS

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Hmm dropping her back down to XP, and not running the games hard, u gonna get a fair while outta her. i would say about 2-3yrs, though droping back down to XP, is gonna be hard to play MS games (damn u halo >_<).

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