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what would be better on a macbook

Justin Ewing

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I have been thinking what would be better as a mac user . Rather that using dual boot to use windows . Why not use Vmware will this be the same as using a dual boot. will i get the same results with out partiining the hard drive. will the drivers work the same ?

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Dual booting will give you much improved performance in both operating systems but has the disadvantage of not being able to use both at the same time...

A VM (as most prefer in the Mac world, Parallels, it's like VMWare but for Mac OS) would allow you to run both OSs at the same time, but with reduced performance on the guest OS (ie: you won't get 3D accelation in a VM... yet).

Parallels even has a mode where you can have an app that's running in Windows appear to be running as a Mac app, so say you needed IE6 for something, you could open Parallels, do this funky thing, and then it would work and act like you have IE6 running on your Mac desktop, just like any other app (though from what I understand will still be running Windows beneath IE, it just crops the screen).

Basically though, if you're looking for raw performance then dual boot (gaming, resource heavy apps, anything with 3D), if you don't need the raw performance then try Parallels, which provides the convenience you lose with dual booting.

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Guest requiemnoise

This is what I would do..,

This is the simplest solution. If you are using Ubuntu, VMWARE server should be in fiesty commercial repo.

Editing your source file is really easy. Just google it.

type  "sudo apt-get install vmware"

it should install vmware without knowing anything about compiling modules that you need.

just type, "vmware" and you are done.

Now, go to Vmware site and download Vmware converter. This app will convert any windows partition to a Vmware appliance. It is a simple gui app. Now, run your existing Windows top of Ubuntu. Make sure you install Vmware tools inside, so you can copy paste among two OSes. Virtualization instructions to OS are native, so it should be the same speed unless it requires access to devices such as video, sounds, and i/o. Linux is designed to be virtualized.

I hope this helps.

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