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There are lots of open source web shop eCommerce things avalable. Perhaps (rather then a web dev person) you should be looking for a server administrator who can stay on top of keeping the server's software up to date and secure.

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Do it yourself.

If you are asking for any interactiveness then the price will be high, very very high.

There are plenty of OS projects out there for eCommerce systems, many like the many forum and blog software allow you to use templates, which you could alter by changing the CSS.

You main problem is sorting out payment, paypal or googlecheckout will probably be your best bet.

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Hi does anyone know where i can find a cheap web designer to make me a website that has the allbility to creat accounts buy products and looks ok ish and quite cheap ?

You could try rentacoder.com if you actually want your own shop designed from scratch, tons of Indians, Chinese and Eastern Europeans on there who are fairly cheap. Make sure they speak decent English before you hire themĀ  (and that they have a good rating).

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