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remote like VNC but....


hak.5 BEST?  

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Hello! Hak. 5!!

First of all I need to say I'm sorry for my eventually bad spelling. . . (from Sweden)

Now to the question #I;

I wounder if you know any program that you can remotecontrol any computer on the LAN or eaven Ethernet, but under some conditions: 1, the user does not see that I work on the computer (I mean that he can still chat on msn , and not notise that I browsing in his media and so on) 2, install it "silent" (he can't see that it is installing). . .

#II, oo I come up with another question, can you name any program that you can hide a . exe file in a picture file (. jpeg or . bmp)

#III, can you make a . bat file or something that works like auto-install a . exe file on a computer when you plug in a usb (thumdriver?) with those in a computer

edit: Another question, how do you remove the little bottom in the activityfield in the bottomright corner?.. I mean the VNC server bottom

best //Jarrah

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