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Fun with Noobs

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Want to impress some coworkers or friends?  Go to www.Peteranswers.com a sight that "magically" answers all questions.  Directions: where it says insert petition type in  period, then type the answer to the question you will ask, then type period when you are done and finish the petition and type colon(no matter what you type it shows up as Peter, please answer the following question:).  Then type in your question and it will display your given answer.  It is really fun to show people, and they get really freaked out (ask questions like who is next to me).  I know this is kind of hard to follow so here is an example:

Petition: .you are a newb. the following question:

What the Petition will look like: Peter, please answer the following question:

Question: What am I?

What the question will look like:  What am I?

Answer:  You are a newb.

For more detailed instructions:  http://www.prlookup.com/peteranswer-com.html

You really can have some great fun with this, enjoy

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