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Cool hack during windows XP setup


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I remember in the first hak.5 ep when they talked about being able to run solitare or telnet, so I tested it out today, I was doing a "leave files intact" on my linux hard drive because my main rig died and I don't have a spare hd for my backup machine.. Anyway, I figured I try to see what happens when I go to C:program files. Sure enough, all my regular files are there, so I loaded up firefox (which is what I'm in now during windows setup!), and it works operfectally, but its all that seems to run, X-chat or Icechat doesn't load, and I haven't tried WoW yet... but this is kinda cool.. anyone know of anything else that you can do with xp setup?

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I would post a link to a screenshot of me advocating piracy using firefox with the setup terminal, but I can't because hopto.org is a black listed url. (Yet my avatar still works. Probably because that hasn't changed since the old forum)

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