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Encrypting/Decrypting without Admin Privilages


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Hello, at my school we have very limited accounts.  I just read that TrueCrypt needs a device driver to provide transparent on-the-fly encryption/decryption and I dont have admin priliages to install it.

So anyideas on how I can decrpt/encrypt files on my USB Stick?

Thanks in advance, Flip.

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Even though TrueCrypt is portable it still requires admin privileges to load the device driver and without that it just doesn't work. If your paranoia level is low then you could try just using a passworded zip file. It will keep the nosy out but if someone really wants to know it's relatively quickly broken.

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Is there not any other ways to encypt my stuff? Zip isnt friendly way of doing it, It takes to to extract. Then I have to delete it all. + it is very easy to crack.

If you use 7zip (comes in a portable flavor as well) you can open single files without extracting and it detects changes made and updates the file. Won't let you run something like Firefox without unpacking it though. Wikipedia has some suggestions but the few I have tried haven't even come close to TrueCrypt.

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