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Mp3 ripping stopped working, now getting must run infirefox error


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No the Firefox temp folder

type "about:cache" without the quotes into the address bar and it will display the folder you need to clear

From memory there are a couple of files that cannot be deleted, i think these are the _CACHE_* files

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does typing about:cache come up with anything??

it should tell you the cache directory

it will be something like this " C:Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles5gr41yhf.defaultCache" but not the same

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hmmm interesting, well all i did to get it to work was install pandoras jar install the grease monkey script and clear the cache...

i remember when i was first looking at this people kept saying something about rebooting the computer but from memory i didn't do it. it may be worth a try though if you can be bothered

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I still get the firefox error on starting the jar but now it records after the first song.  But it still is not working correctly.  Now it records and labels the one before.  If I am listening to song 4, it will rip song 3 and label it as song 4.  I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.  Thanks

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