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Wifi Pineapple Antennas

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Hello to all, purchased a MARK VII+AC TACTICAL and had it sitting around and hadn't tried it, due to a health issue..I'm back lol and getting it set up. I realized I am missing 1 antenna. The MK7AC had both antennas in pouch the Pinapple main unit had 2. I had a serious delay in delivery and after I recieved it, I was ill and never checked it right away. 

Can some provided a link or information about the antennas that I could get a replacement for the correct one? Went though the box and literature and all I can get is that it's a high gain anntenna. I just want to make sure I get the right one.


thank you. 


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Thank you, I just found the info card that was in the box. It listed 3 RP-SMA antennas.

I recieved 2. This info helps, I want to make sure they were all the same.

I will use your info to find the correct replacment.


Thank you.

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I appreciate that. Unfortunately,  the delay in shipping and the delay in opening up my package, put me past the the 60 day reporting limit and won't let me file an inquiry.

It's fine, I'm happy the order  showed up. I had a larger order, so if I'm only missing 1 antenna, I'll take that loss.

I am still new to this and taking in all the information and practicing and learning.

Thanks for the help, I'll order one today.

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Secondary question,

Are the MK7AC antennas and Pineapple antennas the same? 

I don't want to mix them up and affect performance, in case they are different. I don't see any markings or info on the antennas themselves.



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25 minutes ago, Dumper780 said:

Are the MK7AC antennas and Pineapple antennas the same?

Could be, or not. Difficult to say. The MK7AC ones are designed for 5 GHz for sure, but there's no guarantee the 2.4 GHz ones are even if it would be possible.

I don't have the MK7AC myself, I use another 5 GHz adapter with the Mark VII, so I don't know in which way the antennas might differ physically. If there aren't any distinct ways to tell which one is for the Mark VII or the MK7AC, then perhaps discretely "tag" some of them, or put some colored tape (or such) on them. The antennas on the 5 GHz adapter I use are very easy to identify because of shape/design.

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