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New WiFi Pineapple - firmware updates

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I have just acquired a WiFi Pineapple Mark VII. My first step was to set it up and upgrade to the latest firmware. Following the steps in the user manual did not work. The Pineapple was connected using the supplied USB-C to USB-C cable and came up as device eth1 on my Linux machine. An address of was assigned but I could not pint I then followed the factory reset procedure here:


This worked fine and I was able to upload firmware 2.13 and work through the setup.

What confuses me is that the manual tells me to go to:


Here I can find firmware 2.7.0 for the 'Nano', but this firmware will not upload. The Pineapple itself, on the other hand tells me to go to:


where, of course I found firmware 2.1.3 which I was able to upload successfully.

So why won't the latest (2.7.0) firmware upload?

And which is the correct firmware site?

I have it currently on firmware 2.1.3 so at least I can start learning...


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Thank you for confirming that. I guess its the numbering scheme that confused me. I didn't realise the firmware from the wifipineapple site is for older devices. Just as well there seems to be some protection to prevent accidental upload of the wrong firmware version!

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