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Wireless Client Mode unacceptable slow

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I recently bought my new wifi-pineapple MK7

Updated Firmware, everything else left stock - only installed some default plugins (nmap, tracer,..)

Didnt have much time for tests but now i see that even the simplest pings take sometimes 2000ms or more in client mode ... unacceptable in stock mode... :( 😞 😞

(wlan2 client mode, wlan1 recon in normal scaning mode, everything else left untouched)

nothing fancy tweaked in console install  .... even a simple raspberry pi in forwarding is better - whats wrong .. is it a hardeware failure ... i hope my guarantee or <30 return policymaybe available ...

captive portal test works fine but what does it help when after 3s in testing purposes a client disconnects due to unnaceptable speeds

sending back might be no option as due to taxes it seems financially not worth or i just get glimpse back ... i hope the device is not damaged or poor quality
i read some posts so far that this was common with the nano

can sb help me what to do or a good idea would be

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update: handed in a ticke for support with aditional info like the sys-log.txt, also tested again with the aditional mk7-wifi-adapter, switching interfaces, loging into the config AP and the PineAP , nothing changed - still on average only 10% speed compared to the original wifi-router speed (e.g. 15Mbs AP Down, <= 1Mbs WifiPineapple , mulitple tests with android phone -> WifiP)

Routing tables, forwarding all default and should look ok (in my humble experience) .... all in all if that is the performance of this product its very sad for me i saved my money
could have sticked with my raspberries ... decided that product for a stable captive-portal testrun/audit ... 

i hope i can update here or get support with an permanent easy solution

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Same problem here. Seems to be a 1/2 baked product with limited capabilities. Now sure how in the hell anyone can do any pen testing on this? I can't even get basic tests to work with out time outs. I am sure it has something to do with the client wireless connection only being a 2.4g connection which is worthless. Who in the hell these days walk around connecting to 2.4 g networks??

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On 4/2/2024 at 7:37 AM, DramaKing said:

It's slow sure, but I don't get timeouts. Have you made sure that range isn't an issue? 

Yes, finally after 3 firmware reinstalls, I have some consistency.

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it seems they know it and dont care - i feel tricked and have a bitter taste like a a rip off and fraud combined with the advertisement

here is the answer i got - no personal bias , cause i like the team and glytch - but overall i realy feel ripped off, tricked and a bit like a customer fruad when the passthrough is

that heavyly bad - even my 10y old raspberrie pi 3+ performe better with way worse antennas or even none in some cases, here as promes the reply:



Hi < my name cleared >


The WiFi Pineapple is not intended to be used as a home router. Perhaps our community resources may be of more help with this application. I have linked them below.




Best regards,



never wanted a router (even though if u buy a amazon 100€/$ gli.net and custom firmware it - wifi pineapple software runs on it and this is a router... so ...yeah ... same price

(i know bigger company...maybe ?? but hey... it feels so sad for me ... no solution... not propperly working device for the purpose it is marked)

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