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Vote For Snowball as Wired Road Trip Tech Junkie


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Well, I told you guys that I have some exciting, uber, fantastic news. And this is it!

I have been selected to be the Top Ten of a contest here on G4TechTV Canada called Wired Road Trip Tech Junkie. The contest is a chance to be hired for the summer by G4TechTV to travel all across Canada in a Teched out RV and go to a whole bunch of events where the winner will be an On-Air correspondent for G4TechTV Canada. I think that they are even video podcasting this too.

Well, I sent in a 30 second video showing how I am a Tech Junkie, which if you are a neighbor to this blog you would already know I am. So anyway, I sent in the video and lo and behold on Friday I got an email saying out of almost 100 entries I was chosen as one of the Top Ten videos!!!

That's awesome!!!!!!!

Now here comes where I need your help. In order for me to come out on top of the Tech Junkie contest is for people to vote for my video. The only way for you to do that is to go to http://g4techtv.ca/contests/2007wiredroadtrip/index.html and vote for my video! It's that simple!!! You have until April 13th to vote. So please vote quickly!

Here's the video:

G4techTV Wired Road Trip TJ Search - Steve Saylor (http://stevesaylor.vox.com/library/video/6...2cfa503c7f.html)

So please, vote for me. Let me have the coolest summer job ever, and also if you could spread the word about the voting to all your friends. Maybe on your own blogs. That would be awesome.

You all know that Broadcasting is my passion and working for G4TechTV is a dream job of mine. So if you could help make my dream come true, I would owe you big time!!! Pluse if I win, you know I'm going to be vox blogging on the road. LOL

Thank you one and all!


Steve "Tech Junkie" Saylor

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