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I am looking for a penetration tester mentor

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I work as a system administrator for more than 5 years, write automation scripts, understand php/js.
I am interested in penetration tester direction, red team vector. 
Looking for a mentor or patient employer. Currently reading literature/hanging out on TryHackMe.
Ready to put in effort and diligence, result oriented. 


- Administration of vps/vds linux/windows gui/terminal + docker.

- Debugging the environment for the web project on the server.

- C-panel/Hestia, MySQL + PHPMyAdmin, backup + restore db/fs, all cms.

- Logs reading & analyzing, alerting, metrics.

- DDoS & security application protection.

- vpn/ double vpn/ vpn=>tor=vpn/ proxy chain

- writing automation scripts on bash/python.

- setting up servers for anonymous messengers.

on UTC+2

Telegram @LthefrndellioA

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