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Pineapple running cached copy of module python code?


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I'm working on a module with a backend python script, and I've noticed that the pineapple is running an older copy of the python code strangely, even when I completely delete the module and update it with the new code. 

Looking in /pineapple/modules at the source code I've confirmed that python code is updated, yet I get responses that match older copies of the script. Rebooting the pineapple seems to fix this. 

This is really making development a challenge, is there some caching scheme going on? I'm baffled that completely removing/deleting the module in the UI and re-uploading the updated code doesn't always update the python logic. The UI itself seems to update fine though. 

What's going on here, and how to I refresh the entire module without having to reboot?



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