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Flashed my Rubberducky, now its "Dead"


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I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with my USB Rubber Ducky and am seeking urgent assistance. After attempting a firmware flash, I am encountering a persistent issue where the device only displays a looping sequence of red, green, and green lights. During this sequence, the storage of my USB Rubber Ducky becomes accessible, but I am facing multiple challenges:

  1. Button Dysfunction:

    • The device's button functionality is limited to DFU mode, rendering it non-functional in other modes.
  2. Limited Memory Access:

    • I am only able to access the memory for the Twin Duck Firmware and am unable to transition to ATTACKMODE.
  3. Flashing Difficulties:

    • When attempting to flash the duck.hex file, the device displays a constant red light, and no other functions seem to work.

I have exhaustively attempted various solutions, including utilizing dfu-programmer with commands such as at32uc3b1512 reset and at32uc3b1512 erase, without success.

I would be happy, if anyone could help me. 


A user

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