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Does/can Mark VII detect mobilephones before they connect to the pinapple network?


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16 minutes ago, Stone131 said:

Does a mark7 have its own WiFi network that it sends out?

It has the management AP, the open AP, the Evil WPA, etc. On top of that it can impersonate APs/ESSIDs as well.



21 minutes ago, Stone131 said:

Can i use it to scan for mobile phone without a wifi netwerk?

Not all sure what you mean by that, but the Mark VII doesn't have cellular capabilities.

22 minutes ago, Stone131 said:

Can a Mark 7 see mobile phones if they are not on the same WiFi network?

You can see wireless devices, but identifying them as mobile phones specifically might not be successful all the time.

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4 hours ago, dark_pyrro said:

You will probably have to struggle with MAC Address Randomization used by mobile devices when/if they aren't connected to a WiFi network.

Can i upload a whitelist with trusted macadresses so “strange” macadresses will “popup”?

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