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Assistance Request for Rubber Ducky SD Card Issue

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Hello Hak5 Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you regarding a concern I have encountered with my Rubber Ducky, which I purchased in 2021. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the original SD card that came with it. As a result, I purchased a new SD card to use with the device.

I attempted to flash the USB Rubber Ducky with the "eviltwin" firmware, but despite my efforts, the device displays a constant red light when connected. Even after placing a clean "inject.bin" file onto the new SD card, the Rubber Ducky does not seem to execute the desired actions as expected.

To provide further context, I am using Kali Linux as my operating system. Additionally, I want to emphasize that the new SD card I am using is completely empty. Could you kindly assist me in resolving this issue? Is there a way for me to re-download any missing files that may be required for proper functionality?

Thank you for your time and support. I greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide in this matter.

Best regards,

massimo massetti

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I guess it is the Twin Duck firmware you are referring to. Never heard of any eviltwin firmware (but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist though). I hope it was the generation 1 Ducky that was flashed, but if it was bought in 2021 it shouldn't be any risk that it is the Gen 2 Ducky (which shouldn't be flashed at all).

If you insert the Ducky to a computer WITHOUT the Micro SD card, is the LED off or is it red? If it's off, then there's something with the firmware (and since you flashed it, that might be the cause of it). If it's red, then something's wrong with the Micro SD card.

What size is the card? What filesystem is used?

To get the best out of the Ducky, I would use cards under 2 GB. Larger cards may/will slow the Ducky down since it takes more time for the Ducky to enumerate the storage.

I would reformat the card to be sure it has a format that the Ducky accepts and that there is only one (1) partition on the card. Since you're on Kali, try using gparted and create a new partition table on the card and then a new FAT16 or FAT32 primary partition. There should be no other "garbage" on the card, only the partition that was created.

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On the Documentation page on the rubber ducky. https://docs.hak5.org/hak5-usb-rubber-ducky/


DO NOT FLASH. The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by firmware flash. Flashing legacy or third-party firmware will render the device irrecoverable. The new USB Rubber Ducky is architected in conjunction with Payload Studio such that firmware flashing will never be required. Disregard articles related to the old USB Rubber Ducky and rely solely on the official documentation here at .


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