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Website stalking across dating and messaging apps


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Need help understanding cause I know it’s too many coincidences 

Is it possible to have keywords logged on network to let’s say a couple gay dating websites, once I sign in the attacker is notified and can get on and either spoof accounts near me or just know that I’m online and reach me through message just to troll through fake accounts? 

Is it possible to kinda hijack iMessages to read? VoIP spoof?

I’m pretty sure there’s some troll or trolls doing something to make it where they are able to make these different users I talk to sometimes say the same things or do the same emojis over and over? 

I know I’m not crazy I just don’t understand how it’s happening. 

I was talking to someone the other night and he’s like it’s probably people pissed at you “cause gay dating on sex apps one night stands can just end badly” 

Can anyone point me towards what could be going on? 

It’s basically just feeling like the same person or people sometimes just revealing exact words that the previous person I just talked to said.. it’s trolling for sure. 

I also am a drug addict and surround myself sometimes with some questionable people..

It’s not paranoia cause when I’m sober I still remember I just don’t understand how or what to look for…

Example: I was talking to my grandma on phone and was saying I was hungry..

Guy I met online randomly texts me that he made muffins 😛

Thanks in advance

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Coincidences do happen. I've read some pretty strange stuff from people here and elsewhere, but it's unlikely. iMessage uses non-standard 1280-bit RSA keys for encryption. No one is seeing that. SMS spoofing? Maybe. Confirm that you're using HTTPS by checking for the padlock.

Try resetting your router and network settings. Can't offer better than that. 

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