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Rubber Ducky vs Bash Bunny vs OMG plug elite


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Which one is the "best" really depends on what you want to do and achieve. I can't say anything really about the O.MG device since I don't have one. I just know that it is a really skilled bunch of individuals behind it. The Ducky has always been good, but taken big leaps forward since the gen2 was introduced along with Ducky Script 3 and Payload Studio. My personal favorite is probably the Bunny though. Not really sure why, but it runs Debian, enables the use of keyboard and network features along with storage (internal and Micro SD) and Bluetooth capabilities. It's the "width" and flexibility that I like the most with the Bunny and that you easily can get "under the hood" of the device. For someone totally new to it all, trying to get oneself introduced to the Hak5 family of products, I would probably recommend the Ducky though as the first device to get. But, as said, it all depends on what you want to do with it. Read the texts in the shop, the documentation and look through the Hak5 GitHub to learn more before buying.

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