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Weird Variable Assignment Behavior in DuckyScript

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Hi Team,

I'm wondering if anyone else can replicate an anomaly I'm finding in DuckyScript compiled in PayloadStudio for use with Rubber Ducky?

When I manually set the MAN_ PROD_ and SERIAL_ parameters, If I then try and assign the integer value 3000 to a variable it only registers as 48.  I wrote a function to test all other assignments up to 10,000 and the anomaly only seems to occur with 3000 exactly. This is my reduced payload.txt for error reproduction:


DELAY 2000

VAR $X = 3000

IF ($X == 48) THEN
    STRING X is 48


As far as troubleshooting goes, I've tried:

- different variable names.

- variable orders and assignment styles.

- using the TRANSLATE extension.

- manipulating the variable with mathematical operators (If you start with 3000 as the assignment the quirk persists however if you say VAR $X = 2999; $X = ($X + 1); then $X will actually be 3000).

- using the variable within WHILE loops and various conditional statements.

- using the three different active ATTACKMODES.


If MAN_ PID_ and SERIAL_ aren't included then the anomaly does not occur. Does anyone know why this happens?



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I would suggest creating a support ticket. Devs (Korben to be more specific since it's about PayloadStudio/Ducky Script 3.0) isn't very active here (and this isn't official support either). Someone with insight "under the hood" probably needs to dive deeper into an issue like this.

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