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Configuring Bridge Adapter in Pineapple with Additional USB Ethernet Adapter


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Hello, I'm experiencing difficulties in creating a bridge adapter in my pineapple device. My setup involves an additional Ethernet adapter, connected via USB, which I need to bridge with the WiFi clients. The goal is to establish connectivity between the DHCP zones or, to be more specific, have both adapters within the same subnet. I'm having trouble attaching the USB adapter interface to the existing WiFi/LAN bridge. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or configuration examples to help me through this scenario. Thank you very much!

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So, you want the attached USB Ethernet adapter to be a part of the range and any client device that connects to it gets an IP from that range (instead of how it's supposed to be used "out of the box" where it works the other way around, i.e. the USB Ethernet adapter gets an IP as a DHCP client to another external network).

You probably need to configure it all in "/etc/config/network" (and/or use uci). And, also most likely set it all up in "/etc/config/firewall"


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