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My computer's internet is dropped when connecting my wifi Pinnaple to the internet.


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I'm running ubuntu 23.04.

I've created an internet network connection following this: https://docs.hak5.org/wifi-pineapple/setup/connecting-to-the-wifi-pineapple-on-linux
Gateway: Unset, or

And then I run the
wp7.shwp7.sh script from: https://docs.hak5.org/wifi-pineapple/faq/establishing-an-internet-connection/configuring-ics-on-linux

My computer has an Ethernet connection, and I plug my wifi pineapple into the computer via usb-c


This allows me to connect at  And makes my wifi pineapple is fully functional.  But my computer is unable to use the internet for anything beyond  Is there anyway to have my computer also be connected to the internet as well?  

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On 5/10/2023 at 11:33 AM, dark_pyrro said:

It's not unusual that the script will mess up the routing on the computer to which the Pineapple is connected (and offers ICS). Check with "ip r"

Seems something like that is happening. https://ibb.co/jf1XF1g The first is just my computer connected to the internet as normal, the second is the transition, and the third is where my internet drops but the pineapple works. What do you do to fix it?

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I extremely seldom use ICS, and the only distro I've used that doesn't kill the network connection on the computer is Kali.

But, since you're using Ubuntu, and I assume you're using Desktop (not Server), I'd suggest totally skipping the wp7.sh script and use Network Manager instead.

Follow the instructions in this link:


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On 5/11/2023 at 2:49 PM, dark_pyrro said:

I did it and it didn't work. All it asks it to restrict the connection to your pineapple device, and share the connection. I can no longer access, and I still have internet as normal. Any other ideas?

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