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Pine Open AP Hiding


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Just started messing with my mk vii after a prolonged abscence and updated the firmware.

I've found that even if I turn on hidden in the Open AP it is still broadcasting the SSID to devices, my Pine AP is set to passive.

Obviously if I don't use filters to prevent association its advertising an open AP that anyone can connect to - surely this isn't normal is it?

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When you verify this, are you using some device that has already seen the open AP at some point? In that case, that's why it still can see the AP even if you have set it to hidden. Devices just don't automagically forget AP:s that they've previously seen just because you decide hide it.

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This sounds similar like the issue I had. I would refer you to my post Version 2.1.3 malfunctioning? and suggest you, checking the config file mentioned there. 

You can check if the Open AP is set to hidden or not and do this manually. If it’s still not working you can disable the Open AP in the config file, restart and enable it again. 

This should solve the problem and you should be able to hide and unhide it in the WUI again. 

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