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What happened to Glytch?


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Hey there! Long time listener (since the rev3 days) first time caller here xD

I just noticed that Glytch's youtube channel's videos were all deleted and there was a new video posted which is totally unrelated to his typical content.

We also haven't seen him in any Hak5 videos in - I wanna say - like more than a half year.

Anyone know what happened or what he's up to?

I really liked the dude's content and the way he presented things.


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Hey all,

I've received a few emails on the subject so I figured Id put a semi official announcement out concerning it:

My channel https://t.co/1Av2EM7usk has been transferred to a gaming/media company of the same name.

I haven't uploaded to it in quite some time, and did not

— Glytch (@GlytchTech) April 24, 2023

https://twitter.com/GlytchTech/status/1650626927676334081 This happened.


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